How Can I Keep My Child/Relatives/Friends from Abusing Prescription Medications?

LOCK THEM UP! Safeguard all drugs at home.  Take out enough for a week supply and lock up the rest in a safe or a Bank Safety Deposit Box.  Monitor quantities and control access.  Fifty-five percent of all Rx drug abusers are getting them from a relative or friend.

  • Take note of how many pills are in a bottle or pill packet, and keep track of refills.  This goes for your own medication, as well as for your teen and other members of your household.
  • If you find you have to refill a medication more often than expected, there could be a real problem–someone may be taking your medication without your knowledge.
  • If your teen has been prescribed a drug, be sure you control the medication, and monitor dosage and refills.
  • Set clear rules for teens and drug use, including not sharing medications and always following the medical provider’s advice and dosages.  IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO ALLOW SOMEONE ELSE TO TAKE YOUR MEDICATIONS or FOR YOU TO TAKE ANYONE ELSE’S MEDICATION.
  • Make sure you and your teen use Rx drugs only as directed by a medical provider and follow instructions for over-the-counter (OTC) products carefully.  This includes taking the proper dosage and not using with other substances w/o a medical provider’s approval.
  • No one should ever take Rx or OTC drugs with street drugs or alcohol.  If you have any questions about how to take a drug, call your family physician or pharmacist.


Rx Take Back

  • The Scott County Sheriff’s Department
  • 111 S. First St. Scottsburg, IN 47170
  • 24-hours a day/7 days a week inside the main lobby

Anonymous Law Enforcement Tip Lines

Please report any illegal or suspicious drug activity to the following Scott County ANONYMOUS TIP LINES: