Formed in 1989, CEASe of Scott County’s coalition mission is to reduce the incidence and prevalence of substance abuse and addictions among youth and adults in Scott County. Epidemic substance abuse/addiction rates and deaths have tripled our monthly coalition meeting attendance to 35-40 people. In spite of all the risk factors, we have strong assets in a core group of caring, concerned community people.  A paid full-time coordinator will help significantly to ensure a strategic plan of action.

The CEASe Executive Committee is comprised of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. This Executive Committee oversees the Coalition Coordinator, as well as the Communities That Care Coordinator. Under the direction of the Executive Committee, there are five Standing Committees: Justice, Treatment, Prevention, Communities That Care, and Media. Also under the direction of the Executive Committee are four Ad-Hoc Committees: Grant Oversight, Nominations, Community Forum Planning, and Comprehensive Community Plan Committees.

To learn more about CEASe, the Scott County community, and statistics related to substance abuse in Scott County, click on a link below.