Tall Cop Presented ‘High in Plain Sight’ in Scott County

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Officer Jermaine Galloway2

Eighty-seven people from the region came to Scottsburg’s Mid-America Science Park to hear Officer Jermaine Galloway speak about the current trends of drug and alcohol use throughout the country and how it shows up in Indiana. Officer Galloway, known as the “Tall Cop” because of his 6’9” height, is a nationally and internationally recognized presenter and resource for those involved with prevention, education, treatment and enforcement of drug and alcohol use and distribution.

Galloway has eighteen years of experience as a member of the DUI task force, a CSI, and a field training officer. “I’ve seen the ever-evolving drug culture trends sweep across our country, explains Galloway, “For many people, it’s hard to keep up with these trends, and especially to understand what they all mean. Unless you understand the culture, you won’t see it at all.”

Officer Galloway provided relevant and critical information from large and rural communities to representatives from law enforcement, schools, youth service organizations, treatment providers, social services, and volunteer and civic organizations for youth and adults.

“As the facilitator for the ‘Advocacy for Physical Design Changes’ CEASe Workgroup, Officer Galloway’s presentation provided me with additional ideas for decreasing areas that promote substance use within Scott County,” shared attendee Carissa Miller, Chemical Dependency Director of Still Water Individual and Family Therapy Services and Vice-Chair of CEASe of Scott County.

The “Tall Cop Says Stop” program was brought to Scott County by CEASe Drug Free Communities Support Program whose goal is to work together to reduce the adverse impact of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs on Scott County residents. For more information about CEASe, visit www.SCCEASE.org or call/text 812-820-0620 or email lcroasdell@me.com.
Officer Jermaine Galloway