Scott County Training Addresses Stigma

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SCOTTSBURG, Ind.—The Scott County Health Department, in partnership with the Indiana State Department of Health and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, is sponsoring a “Stigma Reduction Training” on Thursday, August 16, from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the Scott Memorial Hospital Conference Room provided by the Indiana Counselors Association on Alcohol and Drug Abuse.

The perceived stigma can cause many people not to get help for mental illness and addiction. People who mis-use drugs and alcohol get pushed to the outskirts of society and many lose touch with their community and family causing them to experience profound loneliness and isolation. This, in turn, makes them less likely to reach out for healthcare or treatment.

We, as a community, have the opportunity to begin to understand mental illness and addiction, while also learning to avoid stigma and drug shaming. The mental health consequences of isolation can fuel even more drug use, leading to further isolation, as well as a vicious cycle that becomes hard to break.

People who abuse drugs and alcohol sometimes view themselves as deviants and this severely impacts their self esteem and self worth. Sadly, a dependence on drugs or alcohol has been viewed as immoral or the result of a lack of self control. These views contribute to the stigma and create barriers to people accessing treatment and recovery.

Scott County is offering a training to its citizens and anyone working in the field to help us to listen, support, and improve the lives of our citizens, especially those struggling with addiction and mental illness.

Join us at this training. CEU’s are available. Lunch will be provided to each participant by Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. There are very few spots left for this event. You must RSVP no later than August 14 to

Stigma Reduction Training