Recovery Community Continues to Restore Scott County’s Community Self Esteem

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Stigma changes when communities recover out loud. Rather than hiding or denying our struggles and challenges, people are collaborating more and talking openly about what is happening, the tragedies of the past, and how we can move forward with positive personal and community changes.

Scott County’s community self esteem is being slowly restored. Scott County is becoming a “Culture of Recovery” led by the thriving, growing, dynamic, and outspoken recovery community.

The “Recovery Community” represents what gratitude, empowerment, enthusiasm, energy, desire, and passion look like in Scott County, Indiana.

These bright and beautiful people are leading the charge in bringing beauty out of the ashes. They desire to make up for past regrets. So, they are giving back to their community in remarkable ways.

One of those ways is in mentoring those not yet in recovery, those wanting to know more about recovery, and those new in recovery. Scott County now has 37 Peer Recovery Coaches who have been trained by ICAADA’s (Indiana Counselors Association on Alcohol and Drug Abuse) Trainers, Stan DeKemper and Nate Rush. Indiana has trained 200 Peer Recovery Coaches since 2015, and 18% of those are in Scott County.

The Recovery Community’s fervor and joy for giving back and helping others gain what they have found is contagious.

CEASe and the Get Healthy Scott County Coalitions are so proud of them all. They have become an integral part of both coalitions, as they lead us in transforming Scott County into a CULTURE OF RECOVERY.

Take time to pat someone on the back who is in recovery. It has been a long and arduous road for them and we as a community should rejoice in and commend their COURAGE!